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specializing in the wellbeing of both people and horses.

About the Company

We bring an innovative approach to therapy that is based on the pillars of both classical and holistic approaches, the use of a wide range of methods, and a deep understanding of the connections between humans and horses. Our mission is to strengthen the mutual healing relationship between humans and horses, and to utilize ancient wisdom about universal life energy to achieve harmony of body, mind, and spirit, leading to a deeper connection with the Universe and personal transformation.

Human and Horses Relationship

Humans and horses share an energetic field that allows for a deep emotional and spiritual exchange. In many cultures, horses are considered spiritual beings that serve as a bridge between the physical world and the realm of the spirit. The healing mutual relationship between humans and horses in the area of energetic and spiritual healing is a fascinating example of how deeply the life energies of different beings can be interconnected.

Spiritual and Energetic Healing

Spiritual and energetic healing represents a path to healing that stems from the understanding that we are beings of light and energy, connected with the entire Universe. It allows us not only to heal our physical body but also to find a deeper meaning of existence and to live a fuller and more harmonious life. Spiritual healing offers a path to profound personal transformation that transcends the physical aspects of existence. It enables us to better understand ourselves, our life's purposes, and our relationship to the Universe.

What we offer

Care and Procedures for Humans

  • Myoskeletal techniques, classic massages
  • Energizing exercises, Chinese massage
  • Reiki, energetic and spiritual therapy

Care for Horses and Small Animals

  • Horse relaxation
  • Meridian therapies
  • Reiki, energetic and spiritual therapy

Consultation and Advisory Services

  • Integrative and complementary care
  • Therapy for vertebrogenic disorders
  • Preventive and therapeutic plans

Preventive Programs for Companies

  • Conditioning and regeneration programs
  • Specialized professional consulting
  • Health risk audits

Educational and Training Programs

  • Path to employee wellbeing
  • Prevention of vertebrogenic disorders
  • Risks associated with occupational stress

VUBIORA Dietary Supplements

  • Unique herbal blend of adaptogens
  • For supporting mental and physical vitality
  • Product energized by the Reiki method


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